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Every homeowner understands the importance of home insurance coverage, just as every smart driver values an investment in auto insurance coverage, but what about all of the unforeseen threats that will inevitably affect all of us at one point or another? Whether a small struggle or a major disaster, the umbrella coverage available through DM Bruce Insurance is designed to protect policy holders from additional expenses that may not be covered by their standard liability insurance plans, as well as a range of other common threats. As a leading insurance provider, DM Bruce Insurance is committed to offering quality coverage options at prices that can fit any family's budget.

If a fire or other covered risk destroys the residential dwelling that a tenant rents, their personal property probably won't be protected from loss without renters insurance. If a guest is injured in a slip-and-fall inside of a tenant's premises, that tenant would likely be uninsured for purposes of any personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you rent the dwelling that you live in, for the protection of yourself and your personal property, you probably want to purchase renters insurance.

A landlord might even require you to purchase renters insurance before you'll even be allowed to take possession of a rental property. That requirement has been trending, and there's a reason for it. That's because if you cause damage to the building through your own negligence, the landlord can make a claim under the liability coverage of your renters policy to make repairs.

A renters insurance policy with standard coverage is going to include protection over and above personal property and liability. It should cover medical payments up to the limits of your coverage that can be paid regardless of your liability. It should also contain coverage for additional living expenses while your dwelling is being repaired if it has been rendered uninhabitable by a covered risk.

Feel free to contact us with your questions about renters insurance. You can stop by the office, give us a call, or use our online contact form. We'll make ourselves available. Protect your personal property from loss and yourself from liability with renters insurance. It's surprisingly inexpensive, and different plans are available too.

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